Friday, October 23

How To Reset An Android Phone, Here Are The Steps

Of course it becomes very annoying when suddenly our Android phone doesn’t respond or hang. This event can occur because of the cache that has accumulated while installing the application. Now you can reset or reboot or soft reset on an Android phone to get back to normal.

Rebooting and resetting have a different explanation, rebooting is the same as reset, by turning off your device. It aims to close and reopen the operating system. On the other hand, resetting is returning the device to factory settings. Even though they have the same terms, they are very different.

Here’s how to reset the Android phone to return to its original performance as reported by a number of sources:

1. Through the Settings Menu on Android

Before resetting, you should first backup your files on a laptop or external hard drive.

First, go to settings, scroll down and look for the backup & reset menu, then tap factory data reset, check what you think is right, then tap reset device, wait for the process approximately 3-10 minutes, after finishing the Android phone will restart itself, if not, please restart it manually.

2. Hard Reset

Press the power button and volume up simultaneously, then “Recovery Mode” will appear, if the above method does not work please use the power button + volume up + volume down or power + volume down or it can also be with power + volume up + home button, after that select the option wipe data / factory reset, then ok, use the volume buttons as navigation and home as the execution, wait for it to finish and select restart.

3. Special Dial

How to reset the next Android phone is by special dial. Open Dial, then select one of the codes * # * # 7780 # * # * for soft reset and * 2767 * 3855 # for hard reset, wait for the process and select restart.